All food served at Pigeon is kosher under the Vaad of Pittsburgh.

Are the bagels vegan?

All of our bagels are dairy and egg free. We also have great vegan options on our sandwich menu including house hummus and vegan lox with tofu cream cheese.

Do you have gluten free bagels?

We do not have gluten free bagels but we do recommend supporting

other gluten free bakeries in the area like Gluuteny and Gluten Free Goat!

Not sliced?

We do not have a bagel slicer on premise and do not slice bulk orders in order to keep our service quick and bagels fresh until ready to eat.

Our bagels, when sold to you hot, will stay freshest and warm if you keep them whole until you are ready to enjoy them!

No toaster?

We love to make your bagel sandwich on a bagel warm out of the oven. We do not find the need to toast bagels on the day they are made.


We do not offer parking on site aside from our handicap accessible spot out front. Street parking is abundant and free!

We ask that you do not park in our neighbor's lot at Artist and Craftsman unless you are patronizing their shop.